Wedding Day Variations

Special Variations

If the bride’s father has died, she may ask any relative or friend to act as her escort. Sometimes the mother or groom walks the bride down the aisle


If the bride’s parents are divorced, her father can still give her away. He does not need to sit with the bride’s mother.

If the ceremony site has two center aisles, it is customary to use the left aisle for the processional, and the right aisle for the recessional. However, in most cases, the bride uses the most convenient aisle.


Semi-formal Weddings

Most formal wedding procedures also apply to semi-formal weddings. At smaller weddings, row ribbons and aisle carpets are usually left out. Small weddings do not have to be without charm or character and can be decorated very attractively.


Informal Weddings

Guests at an informal function seat themselves as they arrive. When it is time for the ceremony, the bride, the groom, the maid of honor and the best man all take their places in front of the Marriage Officiant. At the end of the ceremony, you can turn and greet your guests.