Reception Dance

When there is dancing at a reception, the bride and groom dance the first dance alone for the first few minutes. What follows can be done over several songs:

The bride’s father cuts in on the groom to dance with the bride, the groom then dances with the bride’s mother.

The groom’s parents come to the floor, and the groom’s father dances with the bride and the bride’s father then cuts in on the groom and dances with his wife and the groom then dances with his mother.

The bride’s parents exchange dances with the groom’s parents and the best man dances with the bride while the groom dances with the maid of honor.

Finally, the wedding party with all the bridesmaids and ushers join on the dance floor. With the whole wedding party on the dance floor, the other guests are invited to dance.

Certain cultures have interesting customs by offering a “money” dance where the bride and groom dance with relatives and friends while money is pinned to them as a sign of prosperity.

Some customs offer rich heritage folk dances.

One custom places the groom and bride in chairs and they are lifted by their friends and carried around the reception hall.

Dancing then continues until a late lunch is served, and sometimes continues after the lunch until the wee hours of the morning.