The rehearsal is held at the ceremony site, usually the night before the wedding.  For more complicated ceremonies, more than one rehearsal can occur. 

During the rehearsal, you might run through the ceremony procedure two or three times to be certain everyone knows what needs to be done and will be as comfortable and confident as possible on the wedding day.

It is suggested to have your child attendants there to ensure that they will be able to handle their duties. Any signs of difficulty with a child should be taken into consideration, and worked through carefully and patiently with the child to minimize potential problems.  If it becomes apparent that the child will be unable to properly administer the tasks assigned to him/her alternative arrangements should be made at this time.

To avoid nervousness, uncertainties or pressure, special vows and procedures should be repeatedly rehearsed and memorized. The better you prepare yourselves, the more you can relax and enjoy the day.  If everything doesn’t come off perfectly, and it rarely does, no one will really care, as they will be so happy for you on your special day.

Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner should precede or follow the ceremony rehearsal.  Traditionally, the groom's parents and/or family hosts the dinner.  It can be a formal or informal affair.  The dinner serves as an opportunity for everyone involved to get to know each other.