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As featured in You & Your Wedding Magazine

More and more engaged couples are planning entertainment for their wedding dance and discovering the benefits of hiring a professional music service. The key word is professional, and benefits include:

·        The wide selection of music for all tastes

·        The savings in cost

·        The creation of fun by a professional, well trained DJ

·        Control of volume of music

·        Quality professional equipment and reproduction of your favorite music selections

·        Dependability, back-up equipment and people on call the night of a function

·        Versatility to suit your needs features of a professional music service or special effects of light and video shows.

So, when you are planning for your upcoming wedding dance, and have decided on a professional music service - Plan ahead and look to an established professional music service company. Compile references and referrals from family and friends and your own personal experiences.

Established professional music services that have been providing entertainment for a number of years also have been involved in the planning and attending of thousands of wedding dances. Feel free to call on your professional music service for advice and suggestions their expertise can offer.

Keep in mind each wedding is different, and each bride and groom have special needs. You may wish to consider a four-hour wedding dance, or a longer dance. You may also wish to create atmosphere with cocktail music for cocktail hour or dinner music prior to your dance. The need for a microphone and public address system may still be another consideration. It is important to check with your facility as to what they may offer and policies they may have in place with respect to dance times, and coordinate this information with your professional music service company.

Each wedding is unique. Some couples may request their dance be an interactive and fun atmosphere with a lot of involvement and dancing. Other wedding couples may request a more reserved type of atmosphere, with very little dancing, but actually focus on family and guests spending the evening visiting, and the bride and groom having the opportunity for quality conversation before moving a long distance away. Even other wedding dances may be a delicate mix of both formats, or theme or ethnic weddings, complete with theme or ethnic music for the dance. Your wedding may want to reflect a very casual affair, or a very formal black tie evening.

Most wedding dances have all ages attending, and it is important to cater to all music styles with a variety of music. A professional music service can offer thousands music selections to suit all music tastes. Music from old time polkas, waltzes, schottische, butterfly, and two-steps, to swing to classic fifties and sixties through seventies and eighties to country and the hits of today.

 Two other factors are important in personalizing each individual wedding dance. Some wedding couples provide a request list before the wedding. Request lists are wonderful when they are a true reflection of the entire group. Too often, request lists given prior may express the wishes of only a handful of those attending. Keep in mind the average wedding dance has two hundred guests of all ages attending, each with their own specific request and need. A variety of music is important. A professional music service encourages requests at the dance and has the expertise to filter the requests into the music sets played during the evening. What gets the most action on the dance floor is another important consideration for music selections. The expertise of a professional music service has each dance that is played tailor made to each group’s specific music tastes.

Consider the average song is three and a half minutes in time. Wedding dances generally have lunch breaks and traditional formats such as first and second waltzes, bouquet and garter, cutting of the cake, special announcements, the leaving of the bride and groom, and presentation.  These formalities also reflects the actual amount of dancing time, so when compiling requests or request lists be cautious that it does not exceed the amount of dancing time, and be sensitive to your guests of all ages, so they have the opportunity for request time as well.

Each and every wedding reflects the brides and groom's personalities and wishes. It is important to communicate this to your professional music service company.  One of our many services includes a complimentary Wedding Itinerary for wedding couples. This valuable resource will assist the Bride  & Groom in their dance planning and will help to walk them through the evening’s formalities, from the very important first dance, through to the leaving of the bride and groom. This also provides a profile of the entire evening that will assist in dance music co-ordination ahead of time.

You may wish to set up an appointment with your professional music service, once you have finalized your program to coordinate details. Professional music services also realize how valuable the wedding couple's time is when planning their special day. Many wedding couples live long distances out of town or out of province, or out of country, and a professional music service can also offer this service by a local phone call or to their 800 number or fax or e-mail.

Let your professional music service company know the wedding atmosphere that is unique to you. Each and every wedding reflects the bride's and groom's personality. Just as every bride and groom is unique. Unique in there tastes, unique in their personality, and unique in their hopes and dreams.


 By Shirley Sick, Celebrated Sound Music Services Inc.

Saskatchewan, Canada