Professional Advice - Ceremony


The wedding day is a most wonderful day.  It is a time of celebration, commitment and love.  It is important the ceremony be given the respect of the bride and groom for those few moments of their lives.  These may become memories that will hopefully be shared for the rest of their lives.  It is very important that this ceremony be given the respect and professionalism to honour this union. 

There are many wedding officiants.  Some have studied for many years to receive ordination and subsequent approval from the Provincial Government to perform marriages.  There are other officiants that are granted licences with little or no training.  

It is important that wedding officiants perform weddings giving their undivided attention to the couples as they repeat their vows to one another.   This sensitivity hopefully will help them to understand that the commitment they are sharing at that moment will help them build on their love for one another.  It is important that when times are difficult couples reflect on that moment in time and remember that this commitment is a building block for their love.  

The bride and groom establish a specific time for their wedding ceremony.  It is disrespectful when guests do not honour this time and arrive late.  It is difficult for a bride and groom, whom are already nervous, to have to wait for a special person to arrive because they cannot respect the start time of the ceremony.  This added stress could be easily avoided by arriving on time for the ceremony. 

I enjoy working with couples and seeing them prepare for their special day.  It is also a great joy when their vows and rings have been exchanged and they are on their way to build a home full of love.

 By Rev. Gail Schnarr
SW Ontario
London, Ontario
, Canada