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  Artificial Wedding Cakes An Elegant, Affordable Option


 In today's economy, cost-conscious brides need to consider the option of an artificial wedding cake in their wedding planning.

There are many advantages of having an artificial wedding cake:

It looks the same as a real cake or better for about half the price 

No cake cutting fee

A beautiful cake centrepiece that is displayed for the whole evening

      No worries concerning food allergies

      Perfect for outdoor or tent weddings

      No leftover cake

      Easy to transport long distances

Since most halls include dessert in the menu package, the bride and groom can't have their wedding cake for dessert even if they wanted to. 

The bride and groom then have to serve the wedding cake later in the evening, when many of the guests have gone home. Most brides have told us they have too much cake leftover when it is served at this time of night.

Inexpensive slab cakes can be purchased if the bride wishes to serve cake to her guests later in the evening.

Our lighted cake stands, as well as my handmade sugar flowers, greatly enhance the presentation of the artificial wedding cake. 

No one will know whether the wedding cake is artificial or not. It is covered with the same fondant icing as a real cake and custom decorated to the bride's specifications.

After the cake cutting ceremony, the bride and groom can serve each other with a plated piece of cake, which is placed behind the cake by the chef. 

The artificial wedding cake can create that wonderful memory as much as a real one.

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